Project Management

The Email and Calendar Transition is now in the Implementation Phase.  The project team has been realigned to support the need of the campus during the upcoming migrations.

Decisions/Issues Archive

Many decisions need to be made along the path to implement Microsoft Office 365 for UW-Madison. Each decision has implications for the end-user experience. The implementation team used a specific process to make those decisions, balancing campus needs and preferences with technical and cost implications.

  • SharePoint, Lync, and Office Professional (Date Approved: 8/15/2012)
    • Decision Summary (PDF)- Limiting the project scope to the components of Office 365 that enable the email & calendaring functions will allow the team to keep focused on delivering the most value to campus expediently. Please refer the Microsoft Roadmap for future products in the Office 365 application suite.
  • Sending and receiving with current Email Address (Date Approved: 3/21/2013)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – Design and implement the new Microsoft Office 365 email and calendaring system such that, if they choose, faculty and staff will be able to send and receive email using their existing email addresses.
  • Default Email Address format for new Office 365 (Date Approved: 4/17/2013)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – As campus transitions to Office 365, all UW-Madison faculty and staff will be given a email address.
  • POP and IMAP enablement (Date Approved: 4/21/2013)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – Design and implement the new, Microsoft Office 365 email and calendaring system with POP and IMAP enabled to support the sending/receiving and syncing of email messages with non-Microsoft clients.
  • Email and Calendar migration strategy (Date Approved: 10/22/2013)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – All current email data will be migrated to Office 365. Calendar data will be delivered as a “snapshot” of current calendar data but the end-user will need to recreate their calendars in the new system with assistance from the “snapshot”.
  • Transitioning Forwarding Addresses (Date Approved: 4/29/2014)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – The Office 365 team will automatically set a forward on most accounts that currently forward. Accounts that have complex forwarding configurations will need to be reviewed by the end-user before migration.
  • Email Account Consolidation (Date Approved: 5/9/2014)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) –  Faculty and staff with a sub-domain account should consolidate that account with their account. will be the recommended primary email address on that account. A service account should be created for students with a sub-domain account. Role-based accounts will continue.
  • New Faculty & Staff Activation (Date Approved: 12/18/2014)
    • Decision Summary (PDF) – People who begin working for the UW-Madison after January 20, 2015, will be given an Office 365 account for email and calendar, rather than a WiscMail/WiscCal account.