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The entire campus — faculty, staff and students — will transition to Office 365 for email and calendar. Once migrated, we will be able to share schedules and resources, set meetings, and use cloud-based tools more efficiently.

Final schedule set for Office 365 migration

calendar images in a yellow to orange color gradientUnless their unit has a Migration Partner who is coordinating a later migration, all faculty and staff have been able to self-migrate to Office 365 since June 1. Check the Kick-off Dates to find your unit’s Migration Partner. See the complete campus migration timeline here.

What will I do to migrate to Office 365?

to do list icon in a yellow to orange color gradientView the list of to-dos that will help you successfully migrate to Office 365.

How was the transition for those who moved?

thermometer-iconSee who has moved, how it’s working for them, and what one thing would they have done differently.

What’s Office 365 like?

Get acclimated with a quick tour of the Office 365 interface.