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New email and calendar system for the UW-Madison

Preparing campus for the move to Office 365

Over the next year, the entire campus–faculty, staff and students–will transition to use Office 365 for email and calendar. The result will enable everyone to share schedules and resources, set meetings and use cloud-based tools more efficiently. This site provides status and resources needed for migration partners (those assisting their departments) as well as end-users.

Latest news

To ensure the long-term success of the campus’ new email and calendaring system, project leaders have decided to slow the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 as plans for the conversion are evaluated. More details will be shared with the campus as they become available.

Are there any steps to take now?

If you are not part of the departments and groups moving early–not just yet. In the coming months you will receive instructions from the designated Migration Partner in your unit on steps to take as the details of your group’s migration are established.   From a technical perspective you do not need to delete or move anything between now and when you migrate. In the meantime, however, you may want to review and clean-up your email folders – see tips for how to do this in Best Practices for Record Management.