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The entire campus–faculty, staff and students–will transition to use Office 365 for email and calendar. Once migrated, we will be able to share schedules and resources, set meetings, and use cloud-based tools more efficiently.

When will I migrate to Office 365?

calendar images in a yellow to orange color gradientCheck the Kick-off Dates to see when your department or group is scheduled to start the migration to Office 365.

What will I do to migrate to Office 365?

to do list icon in a yellow to orange color gradientView the list of to-dos that will help you successfully migrate to Office 365.

How was the transition for those who moved?

thermometer-iconSee who has moved, how it’s working for them, and what one thing would they have done differently.

What’s Office 365 like?

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Get acclimated with a quick tour of the Office 365 interface.